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People often ask us “Should I work with a coach?”  Our answer is simple and straightforward.  If you answer “Yes” to any of the following (or similar) questions, you should consider it. 

Should I use a leadership coach?

  • Do my evaluations reflect comments about improvements I need in my leadership style (e.g., communications, relationships, decision-making, accountability, etc.)?
  • Am I stuck in my position?  Have others been promoted around me or faster than me?
  • Am I a high-potential performer whose growth has slowed down?
  • Have other leaders around me benefited from coaching?
  • Have I just started my “next big job” and things don’t seem to be going quite right?
  • Could I benefit from having someone work with me to set and achieve my goals?
  • Has my boss given me any signals that I should change my behavior (e.g., like  “ get along with so and so better” or “make decisions quicker” or “get angry once in awhile”)?
  • Could I benefit from talking regularly to someone outside the company who is an independent sounding board?
  • Am I bored in my present leadership role?

Should I recommend that someone who works for me use a leadership coach?

  • As a leader, do I find myself making the same comments, year in and year out, about the interpersonal behaviors one of my subordinates in his or her annual review?
  • Do I have a subordinate who could benefit from coaching or mentoring, but I just don’t have the time to do this on a recurring basis?
  • As a leader, do I have a potential high performer who has a leadership deficiency that could hold them back from the next level?
  • As a leader, have I recently brought in a new hire who doesn’t seem to “get it” and is off on the wrong foot?

Can you benefit from working with a coach? Only you can make that choice. If you would like to explore the benefits of enhancing your leadership skills, let’s talk.  Contact us to open a conversation.

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