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With four decades of experience in the business world and fifteen years as a leadership coach, Ed Maier is pleased to announce the release of his first book Think Straight. Talk Straight. The book is a collection of ideas, tips, strategies and stories that will help you grow the leader within. Full of real-world ideas gathered from real-life experiences, this book can serve as a catalyst for change so that you can make a difference in your life.

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In a book about the history of the company that carried his name, Arthur Andersen wrote: “About forty-five years ago, my own mother told me in Norwegian, ‘Think Straight, Talk Straight.’ No finer heritage could possibly be passed on from one generation to another. It has been as a firm rock to which I could anchor in a storm. Never has it failed me.”

And I must say, ever since I heard this phrase on my first day of employment with Arthur Andersen, it has never failed me either. It resonates deeply with me in my personal and professional life. And in my dealings with clients, I lean heavily on the value I find in its meaning.

—Ed Maier

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