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It’s fun to help clients grow. But we take very seriously the notion of Think Straight. Talk Straight. So much so that we’ve made it our business!

Most dictionaries tell us that a coach is one who instructs or trains, teaches the fundamentals and directs team strategy. The same is true for the leadership coaching you’ll find at Think Straight. Talk Straight. We’ll first help you identify the best leadership direction for you, then we’ll work with you on the fundamental strategy for getting there. We’ll enhance your leadership skills and help equip you with the tools to continue progressing for the long term.

The following Think Straight. Talk Straight. coaching model further illustrates our approach.

Sample Ed's published articles on leadership…

In a book about the history of the company that carried his name, Arthur Andersen wrote: “About forty-five years ago, my own mother told me in Norwegian, ‘Think Straight, Talk Straight.’ No finer heritage could possibly be passed on from one generation to another. It has been as a firm rock to which I could anchor in a storm. Never has it failed me.”
And I must say, ever since I first heard the phrase on my first day of employment with Arthur Andersen, it has never failed me either. It resonates deeply with me in my personal life and in my professional life. And in my dealings with clients, I lean heavily on the value I find in its meaning.

—Ed Maier

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